Atlantic Environmental Remediation Services Include:
Asbestos Abatement Services
• Asbestos Transite Removal
• Asbestos Siding Removal
• Asbestos Insulation Removal
• Asbestos Containing Materials
• Asbestos Encapsulation
• Asbestos Waste transportation and Disposal
• Asbestos Tile Removal by Infrared Heat Panel
• No Containment Needed
• Deconamination Unit Not Needed
• Fast Mobilization Within Job Areas
• PCB Remediation
• Mold Remediation
• Lead Remediation
• Other Services
• Mercury Cleanup
• Bird Guano
• Universal Waste Disposal
• Surface Preparation
• Sand Blasting
• Bead Blasting
• Ice Blasting
• Specialty Media Blasting
• Needle Gun Work

PCB (Polychlorinated Biphenyls) Remediation Services

Since the 1920’s, Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs), were commonly used in the manufacturing of industrial materials such as inks, cutting oils, caulking, paints, coatings and sealants. HVAC gaskets, roofing and siding materials, and fire retardants also contained PCBs. The reason PCBs were added to these materials was to improve elasticity and durability. The North American Ban of Manufacturing with PCBs Act was established in 1977, due to safety and health concerns caused by PCBs.

If you have identified a PCB component in a project, contact us. We are experienced and work Industrial Hygienists specializing in PCBs. Remediation of PCBs requires safe, proper and methodical procedures. Call us today if you are planning a PCB remediation project.

For more information on PCBs visit the EPA’s website at,